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My timelapse from Norway is now online!

Last summer I spent a week in Kjerringvik, Norway.  It's a beautiful area on the coast, and my family have a summerhouse there, which my grandfather built himself in the 1950s.  Due to rationing after the war he was forced to use recycled materials as new materials weren't allowed for summerhouses.  So the main structure of the house is built from wooden banana boxes stuffed with newspapers and nailed together with thousands and thousands of nails!  It's still standing, but now has a more modern extension added on.  The final shot of the film is the view from the balcony in font of the house.

I hadn't been there for many years, but this time I took my camera, tripod and some ND-filters along to try and make my first timelapse film.  The night this far north is fairly short, so sunset was around 23:00, and sunrise around 4:00, but it never really gets completely dark.  So most nights I went out before sunset, and came back in the morning after sunrise.

In total I took nearly 14,000 shots as part of timelapse sequences.  A few of them are HDR, with 3 exposures per frame, and the opening two shots are examples of this.  They were processed in Adobe Lightroom, exported as 16-bit TIFF sequences, and then manually merged in Adobe After Effects.  It was a somewhat elaborate workflow with massive amounts of files, but I wanted to get the most out the pictures with as little noise as possible, and I didn't want the 'HDR-look' you can often get with automated software.