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More Photos from Kjerringvik, Norway

Sunrise at Low Tide, Kjerringvik, Norway.

Sunrise at Low Tide, Kjerringvik, Norway.

This is my favorite picture from the Norway trip last year, and it may also be the best picture I've taken so far, I'm very happy with it.

Technically this photo is HDR, although I haven't pushed it more than I would a non-HDR image.  Mainly I wanted to get a bit more detail in the bright areas, and reduce the noise in the dark foreground.  I had to blend the exposures manually to make sure the sea part of the shot used the longest exposure to make it completely smooth.  I actually did this in Adobe After Effects, as it allows editing in 32-bit, something Photoshop doesn't. 

Before I travelled to Norway I bought two ND filters, the Hoya Pro-1 ND64 and ND1000.  These are 6-stop and 10-stop ND filters, and allows very long exposures.  I used the 10-stop filter for this photo, with exposures of 30seconds, 8 seconds and 2 seconds.

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