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First test of Timelapse Slider in the Lake District

Running a timelapse one winter morning.

After my timelapse project i Norway last year I bought myself a Konova motorised slider with ambitions of doing more exiting timelapse.  It's basically a metal rod that sits on two tripods, with a computer controlled motor that moves the camera along the slider.  The motor will move the camera a few millimetres between each frame.  The overall effect is a timelapse with a moving camera.

I arrived in Keswick on a Friday afternoon in February, and checked into a very nice little B&B (more on that later).  I wanted to try and climb up a small mountain on Saturday morning for sunrise, so I checked with the local tourist information where I was likely to be able to walk up in the dark without getting lost or encountering too much snow.  Latrigg, a 368m small peak on the way up to Skiddaw seemed a good choice.  A popular route for residents and tourists alike, and well marked.

After a bite to eat I headed down to Derwent Water for my first proper timelapse test along the shore.  Waterproof boots are useful when you're setting your tripods up in water!

Here is the resulting timelapse.  The shots are 6 second exposures with an ND filter to smooth out the water.  This is a quick 720p render, the shot will eventually be rendered in 4K.